Letters to the Editor 11/08/17
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A New High School?

Editor: I am talking about possibly putting in a new high school in Heber Valley as part of my Communications Merit Badge for Boy Scouts.

A lot of people in Heber have been hearing about a new high school that might be built so there is more room. It may be true and it may not be true. I believe that we shouldn't build a new high school.

Most people have been thinking that if there was a new high school in Heber Valley it would be in Midway. This would separate the valley into two schools. I believe that could ruin friendships and create rivalries. This would create a hug rivalry for sports in high school, but it wouldn't just affect the high school. It would affect the entire valley. We already have many rivals throughout sports and academics. We don't need to create a new one.

We should stay together like we always have and keep it that way. I don't know if they are planning to make a new high school. Maybe it was just a joke or something, but I believe that eventually they will have to make a new high school. It would be a lot of work to keep everybody together. It would take a lot of money to make a bigger high school, but I believe that it is better than splitting up the valley into two high schools.

This is my opinion on this issue.


Wasatch County

Impressed with Courage

Editor’s Note:

The Wave has a policy of only running the initials of any minor-aged child who wishes to run a letter to the editor to

protect his/her privacy.

Editor: I am so impressed with Carla Astorga's courage and openness about her mental health issue and how she received help.

There is no shame in admitting a mental health issue; because if you do not admit it and seek help you become part of the problem instead of part of the solution.

Thank you Carla Astorga

Barbara Pokrin

Heber City
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