Wasatch County Assessor asked to vacate position
by Laurie Wynn
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Wasatch County Assessor Peggy McKenzie has been asked by the Utah State Tax Commission and Wasatch County to vacate her position effective immediately as the Wasatch County Assessor due to a yet unsuccessful passage of the State Assessor’s Licensing Test.

Charlie Roberts, of the Utah State Tax Commission, confirmed the Property Tax Division of the Tax Commission sent the Wasatch County Council a letter dated January 6, 2014, informing the Council of the removal of McKenzie as Wasatch County Assessor.

When McKenzie was elected to the Assessor’s post in 2010, she was given 36 months to successfully take and pass the required test for assessor licensure. McKenzie has taken the licensure test in the past, but has yet to pass it.

Wasatch County Council Chairman Jay Price said, “Utah State law gives 36 months to pass the assessor’s test. To my knowledge, she is scheduled to take the test again but until then, the County has asked her not to be in her office, following State Law.”

Price said the procedure is the County has to notify the Republican Party, since it was under that political affiliation McKenzie ran for office. The Wasatch County Republican Party has 30 days to recommend one name as a replacement to the County Council. According to Price, the Republican Party is scheduled to hold a meeting at the Wasatch County Council Chambers on January 28.

“To my knowledge, there are only five or six people in Wasatch County that have the required qualifications for the office,” said Price. “If Peggy passes the test [before the Republican Party submits the name to the Council,] then she could be the name submitted.”

The Wasatch County Council has five days to approve the submitted name. If that doesn’t happen, then Wasatch County Clerk Brent Titcomb notifies the Utah Governor’s Office and they appoint someone to fulfill the remainder of the term.

“I am scheduled to take the test again in the next two weeks,” McKenzie told the Wave. “It’s a six hour test that I have will have to travel to Las Vegas to take as Utah only offers the test once a year. I have to get 75% to pass it. I’ve gotten 74% previously, so I’m hoping to do better this time.”
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Rebecca G
June 19, 2014
Where can we see the qualifications? From what I can tell the qualifications are that you live within the county and are registered to vote. Then you have 36 months to pass the exam. If this is the case there should be several thousand people qualified.